Must-Have Apps for the Construction Industry in 2018

Must-Have Apps for the Construction Industry in 2018

Once seen as an industry that is historically slow to adopt new technology, the construction landscape is experiencing a change in the way they manage jobs, job site tasks, and people. The need for construction companies to work faster and more efficiently has caused a shift to occur and companies that choose to adopt and leverage tech are gaining ground while those who don’t are being left behind.

Mobile apps can provide a way for you and your crew to work smarter and get more done. Here are some of our favorites:



TSheets is a mobile app that helps you track time, expenses, travel, and more. For the contractor, it is especially useful as it will help you keep tabs on multiple crews on the go. All data is stored in the cloud so it’s available for you to view anytime, anywhere. Available for both iPhone and Android platforms, it carries a per-user base cost of $4 per month (less if you purchase a yearly plan in advance) but if you want to add the scheduling module, add another dollar per month.



The value of RenoWorks is self-evident – it allows you to show your clients exactly what products will look like in their home, helping them to make purchasing decisions quickly and easily. You get the convenience of being able to share your entire inventory, and through the RenoWorks Visualizer, they can see what the end result will look like. Simply take a photo of the home under renovation and let your customer choose the doors, windows, trim, or other components that they like best. RenoWorksPro is designed for contractors and gives you more advanced options to help you close the deal.



If you already use Evernote, Penultimate is a great companion app that allows you to write or draw on your Evernote photos and docs – very helpful when taking notes during a client meeting, helping you avoid miscommunication and speed up your process. Made specifically for iPad.



Fieldwire is great for managing multiple vendors on a job, allowing you to collaborate on site and in real-time. Integrates with other popular construction apps, has a scheduling module, a task management module, and more. Try it for free before you buy. Available for iOS devices, Android and Windows phones.


Safety Meeting App

Helping you stay compliant on the job site, Safety Meeting App keeps records and helps you manage workplace safety for 34 different trades. Includes all required safety forms, incident reporting, and more, helping you save time and money. They offer a 30-day trial to get you started and it’s available for iOS and Android devices.



The BuildCalc app is an advanced construction calculator and is indispensable for making accurate, precise calculations on the fly. The app is free and is available for iOS and Android.



HoverPro allows you to take a photo of your build and convert it to a 3D model to generate accurate measurements for materials and visualize the end result. Reduces human error, supports insurance claims and inspections, helps the homeowner decide on finishing options, and more. The basic service is free and provides you with a handful of useful options. Paid versions give you much more flexibility and a free trial is available. Available for iOS and Android devices.


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