Commercial Spray Foam Equipment Maintenance Tips

Commercial Spray Foam Equipment Maintenance Tips

If you are in the business of providing polyurethane spray foam insulation, you know how important it is to the end result to keep your equipment in tip-top working shape. Sure, maintenance and cleaning are time-consuming and you’re a busy guy, but if you want a job done right the first time and without any added frustration, it is well worth the extra effort.


To help you organize and optimize your workflow, we’ve put together a few handy spray foam equipment maintenance tips to get you started:


Powered equipment

Much of the equipment you use for commercial spray foam insulation uses electricity and/or compressed air. Because of this, it is essential to have access to enough power to generate the air pressure you require to run your equipment. It is suggested to check your power supply daily with an amp clamp meter to avoid issues that could result from unreliable power. Make sure the voltage that is going to the spray foam machine matches the voltage required by the equipment manufacturer. If it doesn’t, there is a possibility you may be causing harm to the motor if the voltage is too low. This can result in overheating and costly damage. Most professional spray foam equipment has indicator lights to tell you if the power is correct.


If you are using a generator, ensure you have enough fuel to complete the job. Before and after the job starts, do a check of all your coils, plugs, and switches to ensure that you don’t have any loose connections.


Proportioning Pump

Your proportioning pump regulates pressure and ratio, aspects that are all-important in commercial spray foam applications. Spray foam has to run at the correct temperature and pressure in order to deliver the best possible yield. To keep your proportioning pump working properly, check your Y-strainers regularly, especially if you are using new materials. Check the filter often to prevent blockage or overheating and be sure to change the oil as per the manufacturer’s instructions.


Spray foam guns

Your spray foam gun is probably the most important piece of equipment you use. It requires an exact, consistent pressure, ratio, and temperature in order to work efficiently. Be sure to lube your spray foam gun with lithium grease regularly.


Chances are your spray foam gun has an “air purge” feature. This means that there is a stream of air emitting from the nozzle when there is no foam being sprayed. Be sure to keep the air purge “on” when you’re using the gun and check often for condensation.


Clean spray gun filters daily or if you find that the pressure is unbalanced. To keep your spray foam gun free of mold and buildup, treat the outside with a silicon mold releaser. It will make your cleanup fast and easy and it will maximize the life and efficiency of your spray foam gun.


Heated hoses

Of all your commercial spray foam equipment, heated hoses probably take the biggest beating, getting dragged through small spaces and from place to place on the job site. To ensure your heated hoses are in good shape before your job begins, take the hoses down off their racks prior to turning on the heat. Failing to do so may cause damage to the hose and to the frame that supports it.


Keeping your commercial spray foam equipment clean and in good working order will not only help you get the job done right, but it will send a message to your customers that you are conscientious and committed to providing superior service.


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