NASCO WorkHard™ 60 Series Spanish Bib Style Trouser With Plain Front

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Spanish yellow bib style trouser, plain front, elastic suspenders,
hanger loop, metal hardware.

WorkHard™ is a durable, heavy duty protective product designed for food processing and sanitation applications. With an exterior coating, it easily sheds water, oils and sanitation chemicals while it resists being broken down by fats and acids. Sealed seams, metal hardware, and a rugged material extend its life cycle.

Features & Benefits

  • Waterproof – Protects workers from the elements
  • Lightweight – Increases worker comfort
  • Durable – Reduces number of replacements
  • Dielectrically Welded Seams – 100% waterproof seams
  • Abrasion Resistant – Increases durability and reduces number of replacements
  • Long Life Cycle – Reduces overall program cost

Recommended Applications

  • Meat Packing
  • Poultry Processing
  • Sanitation Crews
  • Produce Processing
  • Dairy Processing

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