NASCO Sentinel™ 4000 Series Fluorescent Waist Length Jacket

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Fluorescent yellow waist length jacket, collar with hood snaps
for detachable hood (H1700FY), non-conductive zipper front w/
dual over fly front closure, Nomex mesh ventilation system with
fall protection access, Elastic waist (back only), 3M Scotchlite
2" reflective trim at biceps, around chest, harness over
shoulders, ANSI 107 Class 3, Level 2.

Sentinel™ excels in joining comfort with durability and protection. While keeping workers safe from electric arcs and flash fires, the durable Sentinel™ material extends the usable life and level of comfort well beyond other raingear.

Features & Benefits

  • Arc and Flame Resistance – Minimizes burn injury from an electric arc flash
  • Flash Fire Resistance – Minimizes burn inury from a hydrocarbon flash fire
  • Steam and Hot Water Protection – Reduces risk of burn injury from steam and hot water
  • Chemical Splash Resistance - Minimizes burn injury from splash exposure of certain chemicals
  • Waterproof – Protects workers from the elements
  • Soft, Flexible – Maximizes worker movement and comfort

Recommended Applications

  • Well Servicing
  • Drilling Rig Operations
  • SAGD
  • Heavy Oil
  • Pipeline Construction and Maintenance
  • Gas & Oil Extraction
  • Oil Refining and Processing
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Tank Cleaning

Nomex® is a registered trademark of DuPont. It is used under license by NASCO Ind. 3M and Scotchlite are trademarks of 3M.